Welcome to We G.I.G created and founded by Deondra Nikki Roberts On January 24, 2021 and Co Owned with Mother Gennell  Fann and Sister Alexia Fann

We are excited to unite with fellow sisters and women to build upon our faith and glorify God in service and support towards each other!

-Our Motto: God gets the glory while we get the glow!

-Our Mission: We spread the good news of Jesus Christ  by exhorting, supporting, and encouraging women to improve overall health and wellness from the inside out!

Our Purpose: To uplift the kingdom of God by encouraging and supporting women in biblically sound spiritual growth, prayer, testimonials, physical activity,  and accountability.

Our Goal: To live a  life that is pleasing to Christ by  helping, inspiring, and supporting women in spiritual  growth, while navigating through daily life task and activities with a sense of peace and rest in God.